The tragic death of a woman in Aberdeen thought to have been involved in prostitution is a stark reminder of the risks involved.  DA’s Quay Services provides dedicated services to women involved in prostitution in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. If you are involved in prostitution, we provide confidential advice to help you stay safe as well as help and support to help you move on with your life.

Are you, or is someone you know, working in the sex industry in Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire? Got a question
or would like to speak to someone about the support we can offer?

To access 1-1 support, email:  helpline@drugsaction.co.uk  or call the DA helpline on 01224 594700 and ask for Fiona.

Open 7 days a week, 11-7pm Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2-5pm.

To find out more about staying safe click here.

Quay Services can offer the following free services at a location that is convenient for you:

· Condoms, Dental Dams and Lube · Help in accessing other services
· Pregnancy Testing service · Support and counselling
· Panic Alarms · Help to move on with your life
· Access to the Ugly Mugs Scheme · Street Outreach (times vary)


About Quay Services

Quay Services provides dedicated services to women involved in prostitution in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, and is part of the range of Drugs Action services, providing support to women involved in prostitution for over fifteen years. The aim of Quay Services is to reduce the immediate harms associated with prostitution and to provide support to help you make positive changes in your life.

Quay Services offers a regular outreach and night-time drop-in service with individual counselling to women involved in both indoor and street prostitution regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, age, drug or alcohol use, religious or cultural background.

Due to the risks associated with prostitution such as violence and abuse, we want to help you to stay as safe and healthy as possible whilst you are involved. We therefore provide condoms, panic alarms, pregnancy testing kits, an Ugly Mugs Scheme and a safe space to discuss your issues of concern. In addition, practical support and advocacy can be provided to ensure you have better access to other services such as primary care, prescribing, sexual health, mental health and a range of social services.


We also recognise that you may not want to continue to work in prostitution and we can provide counselling  and support to help you move on with your life.  A key worker can be  provided to work with you on a structured basis to help you achieve your long term goals. Counselling can also be provided to address low self esteem/self confidence, dealing with trauma as well as other underlying issues.   As with all our services, the counseling service is geared to your individual needs and what advice and support you receive is led by you. 


If you would like more information or have any questions or comments regarding any of our services please feel free to contact us.



For information on how we can help you please contact 01224 577120.



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Quay Services
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For information on how we can help you please contact:
Admin during office hours:
01224 577120.
Aiveen: 07740 441 412
Fiona: 07740 441 413

Day-time drop-in for condoms, lube, alarms, info

Night-time drop-in for condoms, lube, alarms, info

Quay Services Safety Booklet